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The mineral water of the Park

Mineral Water Surgiva
Soul of Trentino

Surgiva, one of the lightest Italian mineral waters, the soul of the truest Trentino. It gushes out, after a long underground journey, from a high-altitude spring. In the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, in a pristine environment, near Madonna di Campiglio.

Founded in 1975 and taken over in 1988 by the Lunelli family, for three generations at the head of the Cantine Ferrari. For years among the leading waters of the gastronomic, restaurant and hotel hospitality in Italy and abroad.

In fact, with a fixed residue of only 41 mg / l, Surgiva is a little mineralized water. The quality of not altering the taste of food and wine has made it the favorite water of the great Italian restaurateurs. In addition, it is he official water of the AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association and Vinitaly.

Surgiva is an accomplice of taste: perfect combination of a beautiful table, with good food and a great wine.

Proposed only in white glass, ideal for enhancing its organoleptic characteristics. It is recognizable by the captivating design of the bottle and the label, with its unmistakable scratch.

Surgiva, the water of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, chooses nature and has been supporting various projects of the Park for years to safeguard the priceless natural heritage of these mountains.

Thanks to the attention to quality and the close link with the territory and its sustainability, Surgiva completes the Lunelli Group product range. From Ferrari Trentodoc sparkling wines to Segnana grappa, from the still wines of Trentino, Tuscany and Umbria from Tenute Lunelli to Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene Bisol.