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Management Committee


Committee session

THE ACTUAL AND SUPPLEMENTARY MEMBERS OF THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE were appointed with Resolution no. 1880 of the Provincial Council dated 26 October 2015.

The Management Committee is composed of 66 members divided as follows:

  • a) a member representing each comune in the park; the number of members is two if the municipal territory included in the park exceeds 2,500 hectares, three if it exceeds 5,000 hectares; in these cases one member represents the minority councils;
  • b) a member representing each municipality not belonging to the park that owns at least 140 hectares of land included in the park;
    c) a member representing the Provincial state-owned forest Agency, in case the park has any areas inside the provincial state forests;
    d) the managers of the second-level provincial bodies in the field of nature conservation, forests and fauna, farms, urban planning and landscape protection;
    e) two members designated by the Regole di Spinale e Manez;
    f) two members representing the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences and the Mach Foundation;
    g) a member representing the Tridentine Alpinist Society (SAT);
    h) two members nominated by majority by protectionist associations which constitute provincial branches of national associations, whose statutory aim is the conservation of the natural environment by the article 13 of the law of 8 July 1986, n. 349;
    i) a member designated by the most representative associations of agricultural associations and direct farmers;
    j) a member nominated by majority by local tourism boards;
    k) a member designated by the provincial associations of  entrepreneurs;
    l) a member designated by the most representative hunters’ association of the province of Trento and a member designated jointly by the associations or companies of local sport fishermen concessionary of fishing rights on the water inside the park;
    m) a member representing each community inside the park;
    n) three representatives of the separate administrations of the assets of civic use present in the park.

For each of the members described in paragraph 1, the bodies and associations indicated therein designate respectively one substitute member.

Article 3 of the DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE PROVINCE January 21, 2010, n. 3-35 / Leg
Regulation concerning the organization and operation of provincial nature parks, as well as the procedure for approving the park plan (articles 42, 43 and 44 of provincial law 23 May 2007, n. 11) (b.u. 16 March 2010, n. 11)