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Wildlife school

Partecipanti ad un corso sulla fauna alpina (F.Zibordi)
Participants to an Alpine wildlife course – photo by F. Zibordi

To satisfy the growing interest in the study of fauna, since 2006 the Adamello Brenta Nature Park has created the Wildlife School. Here the Park’s Scientific Research and Environmental Education group organizes courses, internships and masters.

The School can significantly help increase the dissemination of knowledge on local fauna. Furthermore, it educates people to manage and keep natural resources.
The courses meet specific training needs in environmental and wildlife subjects. They are organized on request by groups of enthusiasts, organizations, institutions and universities. The courses are as follows:

  • basic courses for learning and monitoring alpine fauna;
  • theoretical and practical courses in fauna monitoring and radiotelemetry techniques. These allow you to gain useful experience in the professional or voluntary sector.

Courses have a fixed number (maximum 24 participants). To activate them on request we need a minimum group of 12 people.
If you want to know more, email